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on or off   Gatchaman
Welcome to Crescent Coral, the place for all the talk on Gatchaman 1972-1974.
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     Happy 45th Birthday, Gatcham...  by  adrianag
02-10-2017 15:31
on or off   Gatchaman II
A place to discuss all things Gatchaman II
526 39
     Gatchaman II Gets North Amer...  by  Redbird
27-05-2017 16:59
on or off   Gatchaman Fighter
Welcome to the bridge of the Gatchspartan, where you can access the ISO archives for all data on Gatchaman Fighter 1979-1980.
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     Gatchaman Fighter Gets North...  by  ElectricWhite
28-06-2017 02:52
on or off   Gatchaman OAV
Enter the 21st century to rendezvous with old characters--in drastically new bodies.
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     OAVs being redone?  by  tatsunokofan
30-12-2013 19:28
on or off   Gatchaman Chat
Discussion of Gatchaman and all its incarnations with fans from all over the world.
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     Infini-T Force Episode 4, no...  by  ChrisW
19-10-2017 21:18
on or off   Gatchaman Merchandise, old & new
Looking for a hard to find Gatchaman item? Have something of Gatchamania you'd like to sell? This is forum is updated regularly to get fans in touch with that hard to find merchandise!
1540 117
     Infini-T Force Fighting Gear...  by  ChrisW
14-10-2017 22:09
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